Write daily

Or pay $3 - literally!

Write everyday for free. Pay if you don't.

How does this work?

  1. Write every day.

  2. Miss a day? We will charge you $3!

  3. Write every day and use this for free, and see your habit develop over time.

Get a reminder

We want you to write every day. We will send you email reminders everyday to make sure you do not forget 🙂

A simple editor

Effortless writing with an intuitive editor. Just type, and see your thoughts come to life – no distractions, no complications.

Your writing stats

We will show your writing journey with interesting stats. Expect to see words written, days missed, the most active days, and more.

🙋‍♀️ Questions

Why would I use this?

Because writing is good for you. Write. Do it. Do it everyday. Build a habit of writing.

How much do I need to write?

A minimum of 30 words every day. I believe its the minimum amount you need to write to get yourself going. Ideally write as much as you can, but the least you can do is write three lines about how your day was.

When do you consider the day is finished?

At 12 am in your timezone. While signing up, you will set your timezone.

How will you charge me?

While setting up your account, you provide your card details to Stripe. I will tell stripe to charge you if you miss writing.

When will you bill me?

Every day you miss. Quick feedback is good.

$3 is too low for me, can you charge me more?

Sure once you sign up, you will see two plans: $3 and $100 for each day you miss.

How do I stop this?

It's very simple - Go to stripe billing portal, login using the email you registered with, and stop your subscription. This is instant.